24th Annual Gemini Golf Tournament

The Chemical Company attended the 24th Annual Gemini Golf Tournament on September 11, 2016. Our Regional Marketing Manager, Cory Mullins, was proud to represent TCC and brought Titleist golf balls as well as TCC markers and golf tees as gifts to the tournament players. The Gemini Coatings ‘family’ holds this event each year as a way to unwind, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate another successful year.

Cory had the opportunity to spend time with the Gemini Coatings team as well as team members from Keystone Aniline Corp, a supplier of dyes and pigments to the paints/coatings industry.

Additional event highlights:

  • TCC was recognized as a valuable supplier and sponsor for the tournament.
  • TCC golf tees and ball markers were also a welcome gift to participants.
  • The TCC Titleist golf balls were provided to the top winning teams in both A flight and B flight.
  • TCC was recognized with a sponsorship sign on the top of the 8th hole.
  • The TCC team took 2nd place in A flight.
Four friends golfers walking on golf course at sunny day
Four friends golfers walking on golf course at sunny day



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