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3D Printing technology has been touted as the future of the manufacturing industry, and while it’s been slow to take off, it has quietly branched out into the facilities, offices and even homes across the globe. By 2060, 3D printing is estimated to account for 50% of manufactured goods, wiping out 25% of global trade as seen today (link)

In October 2017, The Chemical Company published a report on the 3D Printing industry, including what it is and how it works, requirements of 3D printing, and an overview of where the market is heading. TCC’s report is available via the icon below.

As the industry grows, with 3D printers seen widespread across the consumer and professional markets. The Chemical Company is following the market closely, working to position ourselves as a leader in supplying the raw materials required for various 3D printing applications. To learn more about TCC’s position in supplying this industry, contact us today.

The Chemical Company's 3D Printing Market Report

Click here to read TCC’s market report on 3D Printing, published October, 2017