Special Message:

Many of the products that TCC handles remain extremely tight. Everyone at TCC would rather fight for each order versus tell any of our valued customers that we just don’t have what they need. We are doing our best to keep all of our historic customers supplied with 100% of their requirements and will help out our friends when we have extra material available. The nature of our industry at this time reminds us that supply should not always come down to the lowest price. It is not always in the best interest of a company to save every last penny only to sacrifice supply when it is most important. There will always be cycles in this industry and it is our responsibility to act on behalf of our loyal customers during these critical supply periods as it is the customers responsibility to not over value price when things change. Nothing is ever constant, things WILL change but TCC will always remain customer focused. We are good people working hard to create “Global bonds in Chemistry.” CONTINUE READING “A MARKET UPDATE FOR AUGUST 2010”

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