A MARKET UPDATE for June 2011

Special Message:

Last week we released our first video in a series about the products TCC handles in North, Central and South America. This video features one of our first and largest products Urea.

TCC was incorporated in Rhode Island in 1988. At that time we had very few products and partnerships. What we did have was Urea, a product that was ignored by most chemical marketing companies since it was inexpensive, not too profitable, and there was a lot of competition. Nick Roach CEO of TCC and our first squad of sales people brought value to our relationship with customers and our supplier. We focused on technical sales of this product, despite the fact that the largest market by far was for fertilization. We grew our position in technical urea by taking pride in what we were selling, improving the packaging, developing new applications, and challenging our competition. Urea remains one of our most important and largest volume products to this day. We are proud of the fact that we still have the same supplier today and the relationship continues to grow. CONTINUE READING “A MARKET UPDATE FOR JUNE 2011”

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