TCC Donates Binoculars for Environmental Education Programs

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The Chemical Company recently donated 100 pairs of binoculars to several local nonprofit organizations. One of these organizations includes Save The Bay, a RI-based nonprofit dedicated to the education and conservation of Narragansett Bay. Legal Counsel Karen Benson made the donation on TCC’s behalf. Benson met with Captain Eric Pfirrmann at the docks of Bowen’s […]

Russian Sanctions Cause Market Uncertainty

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Worldwide industries are facing unprecedented times as uncertainty rises around the longevity of Russian sanctions. Businesses are drawing up long, medium, and short-term plans for how they will operate under various scenarios. Of course, these scenarios are mostly speculation, with businesses knowing that they are likely to change. Sanctions on Russian oil, in particular, seem […]

Price of Oil Fluctuates with Geopolitical Trends

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After oil prices skyrocketed to three-digits adding up to about $140 per barrel, U.S. oil dropped more than 8%, breaking below $100 per barrel. Senior energy trader at CIBC Private Wealth U.S., Rebecca Babin, noted the decline could be attributed to a mix of geopolitical and demand factors in the economy. While Russia continues with […]

Unprecedented Economic Trends for March

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March 2022’s economic trends are unlike anything America has witnessed before. The number of unemployed individuals rose to 227,000, while employers are desperate to fill 4,273,000 available jobs. The U.S. trade deficit expanded to $89.7 billion as exports declined and imports increased by 2%. Oil prices surged as the U.S. and NATO-allied nations came together […]