Natureflexx Epoxidized Linseed Oil (ELO)

NatureFlexx ELO–Epoxidized Linseed Oil is a non-toxic oleochemical compound. The liquid epoxidized glycerol fatty acid is used as a plasticizer and stabilizer in plastic materials for PVC and its copolymers to keep plastics and rubber soft and pliable.


NatureFlexx ELO–Epoxidized Linseed Oil is a non-hazardous, non-toxic, pale yellow liquid with a mild odor. Its CAS number is 8016-11-3. It does not have a specified molecular or chemical formula.

ELO is an oleochemical product used as a plasticizer and stabilizer. Epoxidized linseed oil is incorporated as a PVC stabilizer and as a basic raw material for different synthetic steps. It exhibits high oxirane content and reactivity.

Applications for ELO include plasticizer stabilizer for epoxy, PVC, and paints;  plasticizer synergist for PVC heat stabilizers; plasticizer in food-contact polymers; coupling agent for SB block copolymers; pigment dispersant in PVC-P; in closure-sealing gaskets for food containers; and in food-contact polysulfide polymer polyepoxy resins.


NatureFlexx ELO is available for shipping throughout the continental United States a 1-2 week lead time. ChemFlexx ELO is a liquid packed in bulk (rail, tanktruck, Isotank).


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