Composite Materials Supplier

 Composite Materials Supplier

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Silica Fabric

Silica Fabric is high temperature woven fabric used in  various high temperature applications. It can withstand temperatures of up to 2000F.  Offered in both 18  oz .and 36 oz per sq yard weights, it is a commonly sewn into welding blankets, heat shields and fire blankets. It is available in 36” widths, and is shipped in 50 yard rolls.

Glass Fabrics

Glass fabrics are woven fabrics made from e-glass.  These fabrics are commonly coated with various resins becoming a laminate. Laminates are then pressed together and can be machined into many different parts.   Common applications are electrical insulation, and fire walls. Common styles are 7628, 7781, and 7642.

Chopped Strands

Chopped strands are chopped up forms of a drawn fiberglass. They are commonly used in various reinforcement applications, and are compounded with plastic pellets. We offer several types depending on resin compatibility. They are available in 9, 13 and 17 microns widths, and are shipped in 25 KG bags or super sacks.

Woven Rovings

Rovings are a form of drawn fiberglass that can be woven or in wound up form. These are common in marine reinforcement applications. We offer all types.


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