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International Petrochemical Conference
TCC has limited open availability for meetings at AFPM 2015.

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Product News

Adipic Acid: 25 Kg., 500 Kg. and 1,000 Kg. Bags (In Stock and Available Now!)

Ammonium Bromide: 25 Kg. Bags in Stock and Immediately Available

Bio- Succinic Acid: 2,000 lb. supersacks and 25 Kg. Bags Available Now!

Bio- Plasticizers: TCC offers a full line of bio-plasticizers. In stock and immediately available.

Dicyandiamide: 25 Kg. Bags and 2,000 lb. supersacks available now!

Epoxidized Soy Bean Oil: TCC offers bulk trucks, drums and totes to North America.

GPO DiOctyl Terephthalate (DOTP): TCC offers bulk trucks of GPO DOTP to North America. Product is in stock and available now.

Malic Acid: 25 Kg. Bags in Stock and Available Now!

Maleic Anhydride: 25 Kg. bags of USA produced briquettes available now!

Methanol: Bulk Trucks and Railcars available to North America.

NatureFlexx 509: Phthalate Free General Purpose Plasticizer. Available in Bulk, Totes (2200 lbs.) and Drums. (Totes in stock and immediately avail.)



Branched plasticizers DINP, DOTP, DOP, DOA, TOTM, and linear DUP, 911P, L9P, L9 trimelliate, 79 Trimellitate, and 810 Trimellitate. In stock and immediately available.
Tetrabromo Phthalic Anhydride (TBPA): 1,000 Kg bags in stock and available now!

Vestinol 9 DINP: TCC offers bulk trucks and split loads (w/ eso or dop) of DINP to North America.

Urea: Technical Prilled, Feed Grade and DEF Solution in bulk rail and pneumatic (dry), 2,000 lb. sacks and 25 Kg. bags.

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February 2015 Critical Feedstock MarketsRaw Material Trends Legend

Benzene: U.S. benzene contracts for January settled down a whopping $1.17/ gallon to US$2.20/ gallon from Decembers US$3.37/ gallon. Followed by an additional US$.19/ gallon for February to US$2.01/ gallon. February spot benzene is currently trading in the US$1.90- $2.00/ gallon range. The February contract price is the lowest benzene price in the past 5 years. June 2014 had the highest U.S. contract price of the year at US$5.28/ gallon. Prior months pricing: October $4.22/ gallon, November $3.85/ gallon and December $3.37/ gallon.

N Butane: The plunging energy markets drove Normal Butane prices much lower. Currently Normal Butane is trading in the mid US$.60’s up to US$.80 per gallon. This is half of what it was trading just one year ago.

Ethylene: U.S. Contract Price for December settled down US$.0725/ lb. to $.3825/ lb. January followed with a US$.03/ lb. decrease to $.3525/ lb. February Spot ethylene is trading in the mid $.30’s/ lb. October 2014 settled at US$.505/ lb. And November 2014 at US $.455/ lb.

Natural Gas: Natural gas pricing started to trend much lower beginning mid- November and continued through the end of the year. Current NYMEX pricing is trading near US$2.95- $3.00/ mmbtu. Looking forward February NYMEX natural gas closed January 15th at $3.158/ mmbtu which is up from January 8th’s closing of $2.927/ mmbtu.


Oil: Has crude pricing seen the floor and is on a rebound?? All indications are that this is the case. WTI dropped from the sub $100/ barrel level in July 2014 to almost $44/ barrel in late Janauary. It has since gained approximately 8% and has remained in the low $50’s/ barrel and most recently the high $40’s per barrel for the month of February. The stabilizing price has had its effect on derivatives which have also stabilized. +


Orthoxylene: February orthoxylene contract pricing had a very rare split settle as market conditions changed rapidly. The earlier settlement was down US$.01/ lb. to US$.35/ lb. while the later settlement increased by US$.01/ lb. as mixed xylene prices rose. – & +


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