Critical Raw Material June Update

TCC Quote of the Month 

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

Henry David Thoreau

Product News

Adipic Acid: 25 Kg., 500 Kg. and 1,000 Kg. Bags (In Stock and Available Now!)

Ammonium Bromide: 25 Kg. Bags in Stock and Immediately Available

Bio- Succinic Acid: Myriant Bio- Succinic Acid 2,000 lb. supersacks and 25 Kg. Bags Available Now!

Boric Acid: 25 Kg. and 1,000 lb. Sacks Immediately Available.

Citric Acid: Food Grade 25 Kg. bags and 1,000 Kg. sacks in stock and available now.

DiEthylene Glycol (DEG): New terminal for DEG in New Jersey! Bulk, split, and partial loads available for immediate pick up or delivery.

Dicyandiamide: 25 Kg. Bags and 2,000 lb. supersacks in stock and available now!

Epoxidized Soy Bean Oil: TCC offers bulk trucks, drums and totes to North America. In stock and available now.

DiOctyl Terephthalate (DOTP): TCC offers bulk trucks of DOTP to North and South America.

Malic Acid: 25 Kg. Bags in Stock and Available Now!

Maleic Anhydride: 25 Kg. bags of USA produced briquettes available now!

Methanol: Bulk trucks and railcars immediately available.

MonoEthylene Glycol (MEG): New terminal for MEG in New Jersey! Bulk, split, and partial loads available for immediate pick up or delivery.

NatureFlexx 509 (ATBC): Phthalate Free General Purpose Plasticizer.  Available in Bulk, Totes (2200 lbs.) and Drums. (Totes and Drums in stock and immediately avail.)

Phthalic Anhydride: 25 Kg. Bags and 1,000 Kg. sacks in stock and available now.

Triacetin: Bulk Trucks, Drums and Totes in both food and tech grade available now!

Tetrabromo Phthalic Anhydride (TBPA): 1,000 Kg bags in stock and available now!

Vestinol 9 DINP: TCC offers bulk trucks and split loads (w/ eso) of DINP to North America.

Urea: Prilled, DEF and Feed Grade in 25 Kg., 500 Kg. and 1,000 Kg. bags in stock and available now.

Critical Raw Materials Markets

Check the real-time commodities tracker at for up to the minute info.

Raw Material LegendsBenzene: U.S. benzene contracts for June settled sharply lower (- $.59/ gallon) to US$2.25/ gallon from $2.84/ gallon in May. –

n-Butane:  Normal Butane prices are currently trading just under US$.50 per gallon.   Pricing has trended lower recently with the prior weeks range in the US$.50- $.60/ gallon. –

Ethylene:   U.S. Contract Price for May settled up US$.0025 to $.345/ lb. from April’s US$.3425/ lb. +

Natural Gas: NYMEX Henry Hub closed June 4th at $2.626/ mmbtu. Pricing has seen been fairly stable for the last 30 days. Current NYMEX pricing is US$2.815/ mmbtu.

Natural Gas Raw Materials

Oil: WTI crude pricing was nearly stable through May in the High US$50’s barrel and low US$60 per barrel. This is a 15-17% increase from the low reached in late January 2015 of sub US$44 per barrel. \

Oil Raw Materials

Orthoxylene: May 2015 U.S. contract pricing increased $.035/ lb. to US$.43/ lb. Strong mixed xylene pricing has pushed orthoxylene pricing up in recent months. +

Propylene: June contract pricing not yet settled but most believe it will be a rollover of May pricing at $.42/ lb. for Polymer Grade and $.405/ lb. for Chemical Grade.



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