Ep 010: September 2018 | The View from Jamestown: Podcast Edition

Episode 010 Notes: September 2018

AJ Petrarca, Javier Fernandez, Matt Francoeur, Ben Sawicki

Price updates for September 2018
Agrochemicals, Oxoalcohols, Plasticizer
Busy September for tradeshows
Tariff update: “Wait and see”

TCC Resources:

Tariff Update Blog: http://bit.ly/2vKRc7P
Tariff Update 1 Podcast: http://bit.ly/2GJMviM

Featured Products:

Elatur CH: http://bit.ly/2KTSB1u
Monoethanolamine: http://bit.ly/2PQiGS4
Diethanolamine: http://bit.ly/2Plfixn
Triethanolamine: http://bit.ly/2wxXnfj

Tradeshows & Events:

Specialty & Agro Chemicals America: http://bit.ly/2HjnE4j
UTECH North America: http://bit.ly/2PQEvkw
EPCA: http://bit.ly/2KQ5zjV
VinylTec 2018: http://bit.ly/2LEl8HT
APLA: http://bit.ly/2KRXT0C

Backlinks to TCC’s Podcast:

TCC’s Official Podcast Page: bit.ly/2GJMviM
iTunes: apple.co/2IzzhGd
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2MAySZH
Soundcloud: bit.ly/2HOI1XQ
YouTube: bit.ly/2uNQZma

The View from Jamestown: Mobile App

Web: http://bit.ly/2Cd2ckj
iTunes: apple.co/2rfyPWz
Google Play: bit.ly/2FAQwE0

Pricing updates courtesy of PetroChem Wire: http://bit.ly/2sFuZWl


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