“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
—J. K Rowling

TCC Global Expansion—Latin America

Commentary from Javier Fernandez, LATAM Operations

LATAM-V1Over the last decade, The Chemical Company (TCC) has made Latin America a top priority. After considering the state of the industry, free trade agreements, country stability and geopolitical advantages, Central and South America offered a wealth of opportunities. The proximity to large petrochemical complexes on the Gulf Coast was an additional bonus and key factor in the decision to develop this potentially lucrative market.

Driven by a major capital expenditure, TCC placed resources behind hiring and training a team ready to offer personal service and technical expertise to this developing market. The company now offers multilingual service in English, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as other local languages to better serve clients and communicate with suppliers.

Our representatives, sales personnel, and technical support teams also offer years of experience in the chemical industry. They are knowledgeable and familiar with intermediates, polymer additives, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), solvents and much more to support this development. Our technical team members are also available as a resource to formulate with our customers, giving technical presentations and working closely with R&D personnel.

This international presence has allowed TCC to offer a variety of products in an assortment of sizes with improved shipping and delivery. The expanded marketplace resulted in better bulk, rail, tank and repackaging capabilities in local markets with a network of offices, sales agents, convenient warehousing, and direct shipments to points around the globe.

TCC’s roots, although established firmly in the United States, have expanded to the global business arena. We are proud to have successfully integrated our team into the Latin American marketplace, allowing TCC to truly serve all of “The Americas”.

The Chemical Company and Federal Regulations

Commentary from Dennis Migneault, Regulator Affairs Manager

In the best interests of employees, clients, and everyone associated with the handling, packaging, transport, and use of our products, TCC makes every effort to adhere to current safety standards and comply with federal rules and regulations. All of the products that TCC offers are listed on the Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory. Whenever chemicals are listed on the TSCA Inventory, the substances must meet a number of conditions before they can be sold in the US. TCC staff always conducts thorough reviews designed to comply with federal guidelines.

TCC sent a senior staff member to Washington DC in April for a two-day review of TSCA requirements presented by Dentons US LLP, an international regulatory law firm that TCC has worked with in the past. The comprehensive program included more than ten different speakers. A talk by the acting director of the EPA Chemical Enforcement division reviewed a list of previous enforcement actions along with monetary fines assessed for being in violation of federal mandates. When the participants (40 in total) were asked how many had experienced an EPA audit, two hands went up, one of which was TCC’s, because we passed a successful audit and review of our records and procedures in 2013.

Upcoming Trade Shows & Conferences

SPI Vinyl Formulators Annual Conference
July 10th – 12th 2016 in Palm Beach, FL

Southwestern Fertilizer Conference
July 16th – July 20th 2016 in Austin, TX

Specialty Chem & Agro Show
September 7th – September 9th 2016 in Charleston, SC

June 2016 – TCC Annual Sales Meeting Recap

TCC hosted the Annual Sales Meeting this month in Mystic, Connecticut. Our international sales team, customer service representatives, and producing partners met for presentations and discussions at the Hilton Mystic hotel.

2016 TCC Sales ConferenceNumerous topics were covered during the conference, including:

  • Current Market Strategy
  • Future Expansion Opportunities
  • New Initiatives
  • Digital Marketing
  • Logistics

The event concluded with toasts to the team, producing partners & guests followed by dinner and dancing.


The team enjoyed a chance to unwind amongst the vines at Jonathan Edwards Winery Thursday night of the conference.



During the TCC Sales Conference dinner the final night of the conference, Nick Roach, CEO gave a toast to the team, producing partners & guests congratulating everyone on a successful year! The evening concluded with music and dancing.

Final Night TCC 2016 Conference

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