The Chemical Company (TCC) has joined forces with Project Scientist, an impactful organization promoting change to the world’s view of ‘who’ a scientist is and ‘what’ a scientist does.

The Chemical Company was recommended to Project Scientist after word spread about the TCC Love Chemistry campaign. The TCC Love Chemistry campaign focuses on promoting future opportunities in the chemical industry to younger generations. Finding and joining in Project Scientist efforts directly align with TCC’s direction of the Love Chemistry campaign.

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This fall, TCC will be sponsoring an upcoming Project Scientist event. Our Marketing Manager, Jessica Baker, will be volunteering as a chaperone to work alongside the girls in attendance and help with the event.

TCC will be sponsoring the event on Monday, October 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Attendees will travel to a local trading floor to interact with women on their team and discuss sustainability followed by a geology walking tour of uptown Charlotte.

Project Scientist – Their Story

What our team at TCC loves most about Project Scientist is the founder, Sandy Marshall. Her background is established and incredible. As a woman in an industry dominated by men, Sandy Marshall is the Executive Director and founder of The NASCAR Foundation. In this role she learned obstacles and limitations girls and women encounter in the course of their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers.

Staggering numbers represent Marshall’s findings. The Project Scientist website reports that “78% of school-aged girls have an interest in STEM, yet women only make up 25% of the STEM workforce”. Throughout the course of their schooling and careers, we are losing women pursuing STEM.

Marshall recognized a need to develop Project Scientist in an effort to change society’s perception of women learning and working in STEM. Since its inception in 2011, Project Scientist has grown from serving 95 girls to over 500 in multiple locations and age groups. They also continue to expand topics covered as well as offer day trips and weeklong expeditions.

We look forward to our upcoming day with Project Scientist and hope to continue working with them to promote involvement in STEM for young girls and women.

Meet Some Of The Girls Impacted by Project Scientist (video section)





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