Propylene Pricing Update

After long discussions, the US September propylene contract is on the verge of agreeing to a price increase of 6¢/lb. ($132/t). The agreement advances the price of polymer grade propylene to 43.0¢/lb. ($948/t) and the chem grade to 41.5¢/lb. ($915/t). As noted in the monthly report, supplies remain tight and producers have moved very little from their original stance. Propylene contract pricing has increased 11.5¢/lb. ($254/t) since the beginning of the year, with over one-half of the increase occurring this month.

In Europe, the October contract price discussions continue. Although talk of increases of €30/t and €40/t have allegedly been agreed, an apparent resolution has yet to be reached. This would indicate either €720/t ($806/t) or €730/t ($818/t) could be the result. Obviously, this is well below the US settlement for September.

In Asia, the Shell cracker in Singapore is rumored to be down this week. While speculation in the marketplace regarding timing for restart is abundant, no official timeline has been given. At this point, there has been no real reaction in the spot propylene market, which is actually a bit lower than 10 days ago when it was around $850-870/t CFR.

Upcoming Events

September provided a great start for the TCC fall season, and October is off to another busy month. Our team will travel both domestically and internationally as they journey to a number of exciting locations and events this October:

Earlier This Month: Price Alert

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  • Methanol
  • DPHP
  • DOP
  • DOTP
  • TOTM
  • DOA
  • Trimellitates

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Last Month: Specialty & Agro Chemicals America

AJ Petraca, General Sales Manager, Ray Altenburger, Vice President Business Development, and salesmen, (TITLE and NAMES) attended the Specialty & Agro Chemicals America exhibition from September 7 to 9 in Charleston, South Carolina. The team filled their free time meeting with both customers and suppliers at the event. While at the booth, they met with companies in need of a variety of products for a wide range of end uses. After the event, reviews from the team proved invaluable. TCC will definitely be attending next year’s show.

What’s happening at TCC?

24th Annual Gemini Golf Tournament

 The Chemical Company attended the 24th Annual Gemini Golf Tournament on September 11, 2016. Regional Marketing Manager, Cory Mullins, proudly represented TCC and brought Titleist golf balls as well as TCC markers and golf tees as gifts for the tournament players.

Event highlights

New Mexico TripNM Photo

Robb Roach, TCC President, and Nick Roach, CEO, headed to New Mexico this September, to spend time in the great outdoors. They took their yearly hunt to Vermejo Ranch, located in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. The ranch, spanning over 585,000 acres, allowed them to take home memorable elk. This annual adventure gives the men an opportunity to bond as well as plan for the company’s future.

More Photos Available Here


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