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Product Updates: Plasticizers and Polymer Additives

Written by Tom Guadagno, Product Manager of Polymer Additives


Perstorp, together with The Chemical Company (TCC), are cooperating in the bulk distribution of Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) to the American market. Perstorp recently doubled their capacity of 2-propylheptanol to increase material availability and expand their supply footprint worldwide. Perstorp is committed to entering and expanding the American marketplace with Emoltene™ 100.

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Based on the recent domestic retooling announcement from BASF, TCC will be the best choice to secure a dependable supply chain and avoid interruptions in supply. Lab scale and tote samples are available for approval. TCC will be offering domestically stocked Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP) starting in January 2016.


The Chemical Company is the exclusive bulk distributor for Oxea’s TOTM, both stabilized and un-stabilized versions. Oxea is Europe’s largest producer of 2-EH alcohol and is continuously increasing ester capacity to tap into downstream markets. TOTM is a Trimellitate plasticizer based on the C8 alcohol 2-ethylhexanol. TOTM is a low migration plasticizer and is often utilized in high temperature and medical applications. Inventory is currently being built in the United States and bulk loads will be available from a domestic stock starting in January 2016.

TCC had been offering Oxea’s TOTM with door-to-door service up to this point, as baseload volumes were built up. We are excited to offer our customers, and the American market, a quality European source for TOTM. Currently, the America market is supplied through domestic sources and Oxea’s commitment will help diversify supply options for end users.


Oxea is now producing n-nonanol (L9 alcohol), and is taking steps to register a linear C9 Trimellitate (L9TM) with the TSCA to supply the American market. Oxea’s C9 alcohol is significantly more linear than the existing material on the market. Therefore, TCC is working in combination with Oxea and TCC customers to register Oxea’s L9TM under a unique CAS number. Oxea believes their alcohol will become the standard for linear 9 alcohols used in plasticizers.

L9TM is being looked at as a replacement to 810TM which has been constrained based on alcohol supply. L9TM is an ideal plasticizer for high temperature applications such as wire and cables, as well as for synthetic leathers. The 8-10 alcohol had been made with coconut oil but recently switched to palm oil, inherently yielding less product. As yields have declined, demand on the 8-10 alcohol has increased as it is being used in higher value markets, such as cosmetics. Oxea’s L9TM is able to fill the gap between supply and demand and give customers a synthetic option which will not be constrained by palm oil harvests and yields. Oxea’s L9TM is showing superior performance based on linearity when compared side by side with the existing material on the market. Samples of L9TM are available for evaluation as TCC prepares to roll out this new product.

Products Immediately Available


  • Vestinol 9 DINP
  • ChemFlexx DOTP
  • ChemFlexx 911P/ChemFlexx L9P
  • Epoxidized Soy Bean Oil


  • Adipic Acid: 25 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg sacks
  • Bio- Succinic Acid: 25 Kg bags


  • MEG, DEG, and TEG in Bulk


  • Check out our full line here!

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