“Regulatory Trends in the Chemical Industry” | The View, Podcast Edition – Episode 067

Episode 067 of The View from Jamestown, Podcast Edition
January 2022 Episode

“The View from Jamestown” Chemical Podcast
Hosted by The Chemical Company
Episode 067 | Chemical Industry Regulatory Trends

  • Import / Export Regulations
  • China Tariff Update
  • GDPR
  • ISO / ISO 14001
  • NACD Responsible Distribution
  • EcoVadis
  • Environmental Regulatory Programs
  • TCC’s Internal Sustainability Program

CSR & Regulatory Manager Kaitlyn Hagan
Inside Council Karen Benson
Host: Marketing & Sales Specialist Ben Sawicki

EPCRA Quick Reference Fact Sheet, Fall 2020

Guide to EPCRA, Fall 2020

Diaz Trade Law Part 1/3 – Importing 101 = https://youtu.be/b7Hn7WDtalI
Diaz Trade Law Part 2/3 – Exporting 101 = https://youtu.be/N0Qls7Cqcjo
Diaz Trade Law Part 3/3 – Duties, Anti-Dumping, and More! = https://youtu.be/YENaMGLkrgw

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