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AFPM Talking Points

  1. Logistics Issues (Rail and Trucking)
    1. Longer Lead Times
    2. Port Labor Issues
    3. West Coast Longshoreman and Warehouse Unions contracts expire on June 30, 2014
    4. US logistics assets dedicated to oil and gas industry
  2. Regulatory
    1. Understanding and Adhering to Global Regulations
    2. Prop 65
    3. TSCA
    4. REACH
  3. Russia/ Crimea Situation
    1. Will this impact Pet Chems?
    2. If so..  What products?  How Soon?
    3. Oil prices firming on new dialogue between US and Russia
  4. China Capacities- will they come to fruition?
    1. No Gov’t bailouts- will private companies fail?
    2. Economy stalled.
    3. Rateable Supply?
  5. Natural Gas Prices
    1. Will prices remain high?
    2. Record amount of Nat Gas needed for Winter demand recovery.
  6. Oil Pricing
    1. Steady and expected to remain in a narrow range on limited OPEC production.


Historic AFPM Quote:

 ‘Petrochemicals has become a global game… Just imagine what would happen if the Chinese economy were to falter or even collapse for a while… Capacity in the Middle East would immediately be redirected to markets in Europe and the US. If this were to persist for any length of time it would have disastrous impacts on our industry. This is the potential dark cloud hanging over the growth in China and the Middle East.’ – Rein Williams, President Shell Nederlands Source: ICIS Chemical Business 2005


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Check the real-time commodities tracker at thechemco.com for up to the minute info. Raw Material Trends Legend

Benzene: U.S. benzene contracts for March settled down $.14/ gallon to US$4.90/ gallon from US$5.09/ gallon in February.  March MTD spot prices averaged $4.85/ gallon Compared to February’s $4.99.  US pricing highest in the world.  Less avail. due to lighter feeds.  

n-Butane:  Normal Butane prices are trading in the high US$1.20’s.  Pricing has trended lower recently and maintained its price below February’s price average of US$1.41 per gallon.  

Ethylene:   U.S. Contract Price for February settled down $.0075 to $.495/ lb.  Spot ethylene remains in the low $.50’s/ lb. but cas costs are down and buyers are expecting another decrease ($.02/ lb.).  January settled at US$.5025/ lb.  This was a $.02/ lb. increase from December.  

Natural Gas: April NYMEX Henry Hub settled at $4.369/ mmbtu.  Strong demand and low inventories pushed pricing steadily higher throughout January and February with spot prices reaching $8.00/ mmbtu 3 times this winter.  Current NYMEX pricing is US$4.47/ mmbtu.   UP

Natural Gas Trends - The Chemical Company


Oil: WTI crude moderated higher since mid- February up to $107/ barrel due to the Ukraine/ Crimea situation and a colder then average Winter.  Prices have retreated some as crisis and cold wane but forward models show level pricing with an emphasis toward higher prices.  Current WTI .$100- $102/ barrel.  \UP

Crude Oil Trends - The Chemical Company


Orthoxylene: March contract pricing rolled at US$.585/ lb.  April has not yet settled.  Demand appears to be improving.  

Propylene: March contract pricing settled down $.015/ lb. to $.72/ lb. for Polymer Grade and $.705/ lb. for Chemical Grade.  April contracts have been nominated by at least one producer at a roll.   



Adipic Acid

Adipic Acid pricing has steadily increased following strong benzene pricing.  Supply is balanced due to recent capacity restrictions in the EU and a lack of consistent production in China.  TCC has Adipic Acid in stock and immediately available in 1,000 Kg. Sacks, 500 Kg. Sacks and 25 Kg. bags.  


April pricing in Tampa increased a massive 26% to $580/ ton.  This is an increase of US$120/ ton from March’s US$460/ton.   Higher international prices due to the Crimea/ Ukraine issues and a possible outage in Trinidad are sighted as reasons for the increase. UP

Antimony Trioxide

Demand for antimony trioxide remains weak.  Current offers are in the low to mid $4.00/ lb. range for full truckloads.  Buyers continue to keep inventories to a minimum and use alternate chemistries where possible.  Small bags and sacks are immediately available.  

Citric Acid

Citric Acid pricing remains steady with overall good demand.  The Chemical Company has both 25 Kg. bags and 1,000 Kg. bags in stock and immediately available.  


Prices have increased slightly due to good seasonal and overall demand.  There are some minor production issues noted in China.  The Chemical Company has both 25 Kg. bags and 1,000 Kg. sacks in stock and immediately available. UP

Epoxidized Soybean Oil

Soybean oil prices continue to trend higher (CBOT @ $1436.5) as they have since early Feb.  Check thechemco.com for real time soybean oil pricing on our commodities ticker.  Epoxidized Soybean Oil Supply is tight healthy with new players pushing prices lower.  ESO Pricing has stabilized for the moment due to South American supply restrictions and very good demand.  The Chemical Company offers bulk, split trucks, drums and totes of epoxidized soy bean oil.  UP

Soybean Oil Trends - The Chemical Company

Fumaric Acid

Fumaric Acid Pricing is pushing higher due toi supply restrictions from domestic producers.   Long lead times are noted.   Due to much lower nbutane values (high $1.20’s per gallon) North American producers are enjoying the low cost production position.   Order early for ratable supply.   UP

Glycol (Mono, Di and Tri)

MEG –    U.S. Contract Prices for March rolled over yet a decrease is expected for April as Asia prices reach the bottom.  Spot pricing is in the low $.40’s.  Rail delays from Canada and a flooded Mississippi River are hampering the movement of MEG to NA consumers.  

DEG – At least 1 U.S. producers announced a $.01/lb. increase for April.  Spot prices are in the low $.50’s per lb. fob Gulf.  UP

TEG – Demand is surprisingly weak despite continued cold weather.     Prices have retreated into the mid $.80’s per lb. on lack of demand. 

Isophthalic Acid

Supply of PIA is limited to import p[roduct with a recent mechanical failure and waste water issue at Flint Hills forcing them to declare force majeure.  This FM continues as consumers hope for good news in the near future.  Import product is offered at a major premium with long lead times as traders/ distributors look to capitalize on the situation.  UP

Maleic Anhydride

Supply is tight in North America due to at least one producer outage.  Molten Prices increased 3 cts/ lb. in March despite very low n-butane values.  Solid Maleic prices are stable with limited availability until anticipated new US production comes on line. TCC offers bulk Molten Maleic Anhydride and 25 Kg. bags of Maleic Anhydride pastilles. UP


Melamine supply has improved on steady operating rates but pricing remains level.  TCC has Melamine in stock and available.  

Malic Acid

Malic Acid Pricing has increased on short supply and significant lead times for both domestic and imported material.  Low butane costs have made North American producers the most competitive in the world. TCC has Malic Acid in stock and available. 


The Methanex Non-Discounted Reference Price for April will  decrease by US$.10/ gallon to US$1.80/ gallon.  Spot pricing is currently approx. US$1.50/ gal.  Chinese producers take advantage of the high prices and arbitrage in NA pushing spot values lower.  


  • Methanol is seeing increased demand world –wide for Olefins and fuel blending
  • Methanex Geismar slated for completion Q4 2014
  • World-wide operating rates are an impressive 75%- can it last?
  • Heavy demand for Winter season applications beginning to wane
  • Availability of tank trucks and rail complications continue

Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid pricing is under pressure from Ammonia and expected to increase.   Ammonia pricing increased 26% for April.  UP

Phenolic Resins

Phenol pricing has shifted only moderately lower this month due to slightly lower benzene values.  Formaldehyde pricing will get a modest decrease with the far east pressuring methanol pricing.  

Phthalic Anhydride

Phthalic Anhydride pricing is steady but demand has improved.  Russian import product will likely dry up with the tensions over Crimea and the Ukraine.  TCC has 500 kg, 1,000 Kg and 25 Kg. bags in stock and immediately available.   

Plasticizers and Plasticizer Alcohols

Plasticizer demand in North America is improving with seasonal demand starting to materialize.  Pricing on general purpose pz’s is extremely competitive with continued Asian import pressure.  Trimellitate plasticizers are extremely tight due to the FHR FM on TMA.  

Plasticizer alcohol demand has improved in North America yet prices have decreased some.  Oxo alcohols remain long in Asia where new capacities have flooded the market.  More new oxo capacity recently started in China adding more alcohol to an already over supplied market.  Linear alcohols are extremely tight especially 8 10 alcohol.  

TCC has a wide variety of general purpose and specialty plasticizers.  We offer phthalate, terephthalate, non- phthalate and phthalate free options.

Styrene monomer

Styrene pricing decreased slightly for March in line with lower benzene values (down $.15/ gallon).   Benzene is expected to make a modest retreat for April.  North America demand remains slow.   


Current granular barge pricing of Urea is US$420 – $430/ ton currently firm and steady to down in the coming weeks.  Prills are reported at $390- $395/ ton fob Gulf.   Prices moved up $40-$50/ ton into March but mainly steady in recent weeks.  Forward prices appear stable to lower.  

For more information on these or any of the products and services provided by TCC please contact Robb Roach directly at Robb@thechemco.com or go to our web site at thechemco.com

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