Tensions Mount for Upcoming Beijing Olympics

China is moving forward with opening its borders to the world in 2022 in celebration of its hosting the upcoming Winter Olympics. While this news comes as a shock for most of the world, considering China has one of the strictest zero-tolerance policies regarding Coronavirus, frequently shutting down busy ports and shipping terminals when even a single case is detected, the residents of Beijing seem to be excited about the quadrennial event. With emergency backup plans in place to shut down various methods of transport from “high-risk” districts during Olympic events, which will be heavily monitored, the Chinese government seems confident in its abilities to derail any threat of spread among the winter game participants and onlookers. While many residents and workers are busy preparing for the influx of Olympic attendees, pressure from world leaders and human rights groups are urging reconsideration of supporting the Winter Games in Beijing, in light of their past and continuous treatment of other religious ethnic groups. A recent article published by the BBC outlines the current turbulence surrounding the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

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