The Future of Shale Oil & Gas—Opinions Differ

Shale Plays in the Lower 48
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Ohio shale and gas production shifts south

A Columbus Dispatch article by Dan Gearino said that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources report on second-quarter results show the center of Ohio shale development shifting south to Noble County and Antero Resources Corp.

The top two natural-gas wells are located in Monroe County; both are owned by Hall Drilling.

Carroll County presently has the most oil and gas wells and the largest production. However, it lags in new development and in production per well.



Arguments for and against shale oil & gas developments may surprise you

An article by Euan Mearns questions whether we understand the concept of the controversial so-called energy debate. Whereas many think it is about the pros and cons of renewable energy and the environmental sensibilities of shale developments, the crisis may not be about those issues at all.

The crises for many countries could be abut the legal imperative to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions relative to the value of 1990. The second order of importance is economic.



Why the shale oil and gas revolution won’t end any time soon

The Bangkok Post’s writer John Kemp questions the sustainability of the North American oil and gas boom. He says that doubts center on rapidly declining output from many shale wells after they are initially drilled. Although that may be true, supporters have every reason to believe that is not an issue. Kemp convincingly presents both sides of the issue in his comprehensive report.



Are drillers producing more debt than oil as they pursue fortunes in shale?

Asjylyn Loder seems to think so in a Bloomberg News article addressing that question.

Floyd Wilson, chairman and CEO of Halcon Resources Corp. wrote off $1.2 billion last year after disappointing results in two key prospects. Since Wilson took over the company, Halcon’s shares have dropped by about half, trading at $5.67 on Sept. 5.

Apparently this does not discourage Wilson, who claims that politicians and investors are buying into the vision of a domestic energy renaissance.



The long supply chain, not Big Oil that keeps the industry pumping

That’s what Jennifer A. Dlouhy reports in a article on Sept. 9.

The American Petroleum Institute released a report documenting the nearly 30,000 businesses across the country that supply the oil and gas industry with products, equipment, and services, Dlouhy said.

Does that offset the losses suffered by investors in the oil fields where production is dwindling?



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