“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”
Babe Ruth

New Product Addition: At TCC, we have continued to broaden our product portfolio with the addition of:
Drums, rail cars and tank trucks are available. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

Market Commentary From TCC CEO, Nick Roach

Nearly fifty years in the oil and chemical industries have allowed me to experience just about every kind of market condition. Whenever a major market swing has occurred, varying forecasts range from dooms day to overly optimistic predictions. I have seen the pendulum swing both ways from the buyer’s side to the seller’s side. In both cases, some get far too greedy. Unfortunately, that is the dark side of the free enterprise system. In my experience, whenever this has occurred, capitalism has stepped in and the demand swing has rectified the situation.

If pricing doesn’t make sense, it won’t last, it’s just that simple. Anyone in business cannot lose money for very long and then start making excessively large returns. We all need to make a profit in order to pay our employees and continue to compete in the marketplace. However, only the companies that have placed themselves in a strong cost-efficient financial position will survive.

Forecasting Reasonable Increases


I believe that the cost reductions of the past two years directly related to oil have bottomed out. Consequently, chemicals will become more expensive. After years of sizeable purchasing savings, we are not planning for future decreases. In other words, I foresee that the markets will continue upward price pressure. In our forecasts, we are anticipating reasonable increases as the overall marketplace stabilizes.


While the market has recently been slower than many projected, my personal research with contractors, realtors, and retailers reveal that the market may have experienced a sudden swing. I sense that the second half of this year will bring an increase in demand. We are optimistic and trust that business will be picking up and the demand for chemicals will be stronger.

We look forward to supplying your requirements and will do everything possible to cover your demands.

Best regards,

Nick Signature


Upcoming Trade Shows & Conferences


TCC Annual Sales Convention
June 8th – June 11th 2016 in Mystic, CT

June 14th – 16th 2016 in New York, NY

SPI Vinyl Formulators Annual Conference
July 10th – 12th 2016 in Palm Beach, FL

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Campaign Update

TCC has recently held “Kids Be The Chemists Day” at TCC HQ!

Take a look at the event:


Love Chemistry Event

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