US Becomes World’s Leading Exporter of LNG

Following Europe’s energy crisis and China’s shortages, the United States has become the world’s leading exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Only shipping their first LNG cargo in 2016, The US has surpassed Qatar and Australia for the first time in as little as six years. According to forecast analysts at ICIS and the US Energy Information Agency, the United States will continue to be the biggest exporter in the world through 2022 as a whole. This forecast stems in part from demands in Europe, which are anticipated to remain high, as tensions regarding natural gas supplies from Russia continue to grow. US producers have responded by boosting LNG shipments to Europe, where prices have now exceeded China’s. Prices in both regions, however, are still significantly higher than the prices in the US, suggesting that US LNG exports will continue to increase in 2022. An article published by CNN presents a comprehensive look at the United States’ LGN exports.

To read the article, Click Here.


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