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Prop 65 Update
: A No Significant Risk Level (NSRL) for Diisononyl phthalate (DINP) will be established effective April 1, 2016. California’s OEHHA announced last week that the NSRL for DINP will be set at 146 micrograms per day.
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Producing Partner Profile: Emerald Kalama Chemical

Emerald Kalama Chemical is an internationally respected corporation focused on toluene oxidation chemistry. Today, Emerald Kalama Chemical is the leading global producer of benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, sodium and potassium benzoate and specialty derivatives such as hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, linear aldehydes and performance additives such as K-FLEX®dibenzoate plasticizers and coalescents.The phthalate-free products are the solution to formulators seeking environmentally friendly options. Additionally, these plasticizers improve the performance of the end-product.


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K-FLEX® plasticizers, modifiers and coalescents are used because of their excellent performance and balance of properties. They are non-phthalate, low in VOCs, and have positive attributes from a product safety and health perspective compared to other choices.

TCC Dibenzoate plasticizers distributor
Pictured left to right: Robert N. Roach Jr. – CEO of TCC, Eric Post – Business Director of K-FLEX® Americas at Emerald Kalama, Jason Butt – Sales Manager of K-FLEX® NAFTA at Emerald Kalama, Robert N. Roach III – President of TCC

The K-FLEX® product line continues to grow, to develop new technology, to expand into new applications, and meet the evolving needs of numerous industries. Many of the products also maintain certain FDA clearances for use in indirect food-contact applications.

One of the key properties of K-FLEX® products is their compatibility with a wide range of polymers, particularly polar materials. This makes K-FLEX® products highly effective in many of the most widely used non-olefin based polymers: vinyl-acetate, ethylene vinyl acetate, acrylic, styrenated acrylic, styrene-butadiene, PVC, polysulphide, nitrocellulose, nitrile, and polyurethane.

These polymers are also used in many end-use applications, including adhesives, sealants, caulks, paint, coatings, graphic arts, resilient flooring, vinyl wall covering and artificial leather.

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TCC is proud to be named a distributor for Emerald Kalama Chemical, and we are eager to expand our product offerings to maintain one of the most comprehensive lines of plasticizers in the industry.

Click here to learn more about the TCC and Emerald Kalama relationship

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